Maria del Andallo
Very polite and very patient, but there is a limit to at least one of those qualities. She is the daughter of a successful merchant and has plans to follow in his footsteps, if she can stop babysitting Vanadi for like 5 seconds.

Riley Riker
Optimistic and determined to do good and be well-liked, Riley is not making very much progress with either goal. He is sort of universally disliked on this planet, although that doesn’t seem to bother him much. As one of the revered Anchors, he’s also very powerful, but you’d never think it from seeing him.

Vanadi de Vadarta
Vanadi is suave and charming when he wants to be, as well as willing and hoping to sleep with most of the people he meets. He also has a little issue with free will, and is a prototype cyborg. He’s not keen to discuss either of these things. 

Brilliant and inventive, without very much regard for concepts like personal rights or free will. She is responsible for ruining Vanadi’s day, and is generally perfectly alright with that. It’s for a good cause.